What to Look For in a Potential Cat Boarding Facility

While cats are very independent creatures, and are typically fine if left alone for several hours throughout the day, you may want to have your cat boarded, or cared for in a type of facility, if you'll be away for any extended period of time. This is especially important if your cat is very energetic and loves to run around the house, as this might increase its chances of breaking something or of getting injured. Read More 

Two steps you should take to prepare your cat for a stay at a boarding facility

Putting your beloved cat in a boarding facility for the first time can feel a bit daunting. Here are two things you can to ensure that your pet is fully prepared for their stay. Visit the vet It is important to make an appointment with your vet at least a few weeks prior to leaving your pet at a cat boarding facility. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, your cat may need to have its vaccinations updated (for example, they may be due for their booster jab). Read More 

How boarding kennels can ensure an almost stress-free kennel environment

Irrespective of the steps taken to make dogs feel comfortable, the environment associated with boarding kennels often differs from that of their home, which means it's natural for dogs to experience some stress on their stay. However, boarding kennels should reduce this stress or else too much stress may lead to dog depression, dietary disturbances and illness. With a little time and effort, boarding kennels can apply the following measures in an effort to minimize the stress. Read More